Security in industry and commerce


The Alliance for Security in Business Saxony is actively involved in promoting and supporting various sectors in Saxony. Through its diverse services, the association helps to represent the interests and needs of the population and improve the lives of people in Saxony.


ASW Saxony acts as a strong voice for its members and advocates for their interests. The association is committed to making political decision-makers aware of the concerns and needs of its members. Through continuous dialogue and close cooperation with relevant stakeholders, ASW Saxony achieves positive changes in political decisions that directly impact its members.

Network and cooperations:

A key focus of the association is on building and maintaining a strong network. ASW Saxony brings together companies, organizations and experts from different industries to create synergies and promote cooperation. Through the exchange of know-how, joint projects and mutual support, the association strengthens the competitiveness and innovative power of its members.

Promotion of the economy:

ASW Saxony actively promotes business development in Saxony. The association supports its members in strengthening their companies and opening up new markets. Through targeted consulting, continuing education offers and support in the search for financing opportunities, ASW Saxony contributes to the sustainable development and growth of Saxony’s economy.

Education and qualification offers:

To meet the demand for skilled workers and strengthen the competitiveness of its members, ASW Sachsen offers a wide range of educational and qualification programs. Through seminars, workshops and training courses, members obtain up-to-date expertise and improve their skills. The association also promotes the exchange of best practices and supports the development of a learning network.

Our members

Board members

Ronny Thiele
Ronny ThieleDirector Business Continuity Security & Compliance
Infineon Technologies
Dr. Michael Sobirey
Dr. Michael SobireyVice President Defence & Space
secunet Security Networks AG
Christian Krösch
Christian KröschPartner | Rechtsanwalt
SLK SCHENK LECHLEITNER KRÖSCH Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater
Raymond Haböck
Raymond HaböckHead of the Dresden Branch, Sprecher & Betriebsleitung NL Dresden, Leiter Smart Infrastructure Regional Solutions & Services NL Dresden + Chemnitz
Richard Bode
Richard BodeInhaber
R.echt Bode Rechtsanwaltskanzlei

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